The Collection | Bathroom
The Collection | Bathroom

The identity of this proposal from the B5 collection is defined by the angles, like every Minimal composition. A 60-degree cut marks the countertop and then the door profile.

White matt laquer
Black Hemlock Solid Wood
White DuPont Corian
Wall unit

A wall-mounted cabinet system that combines functionality and minimalism. The black hemlock finish adds a touch of sophistication to any room, while the linear design adapts perfectly to a new philosophy of living, characterized by essentiality and comfort.


The bathroom dresses itself in a modern and sophisticated elegance thanks to the geometric design created by the top and the door, both cut at 60 degrees.

Hib Sabbia metal laquer
Canaletto walnut wood

An island for the bathroom environment where the strong and solid volume contrasts with the sinks in a symmetrical conversation. Balance is also found in the finishes, with the Hib Sabbia metal lacquer of the side surfaces, brighter, contrasting with the Nero Pepe stone of the countertop.

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