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the collection | bathroom

B3 is a vanity unit with solid wood doors with 45-degree joints.‎ The precision is brought to the extreme and everything contributes to the harmony of the whole.‎

Matte black ash wood
Nero Marquinia natural stone

Carved from the prized Nero Marquinia, the washbasin stands out for its sophistication and refined design that enhances the unique veining of the natural stone.


A harmony of shapes and materials: two symmetrical volumes in Marquinia stone and black ash blend together in a composition that strives for perfection.

Travertino Navona natural stone
Striped Travertino Navona natural stone

A bathroom furniture collection that engages all the senses, inviting exploration. A new and genuine tactile experience that reaches its peak when feeling the grooved surface of the stone covering the sides of the suspended sinks.

Ribbed Canaletto walnut wood
Carrara Statuario natural stone

Modular, symmetrical, asymmetrical. This composition from the B3 collection astonishes with deliberate yet unexpected details, such as the gap between the modules. Materials and finishes alternate, so the Statuario marble is paired with ribbed Canaletto walnut wood.

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