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Afílo, interior design office.

A playground for the soul, a space to discover.

Afílo synonymous with pure emotion.

From the project we introduce our creativity, our innovative solutions and our research to allow us to take care of every detail in order to share all our emotions. These methods characterize Afílo’s soul and experience.


Our philosophy is to explore our creativity in the study of your project, to propose innovative solutions, to value artisanal work, tailor-made with a strong eco-responsible identity.

The building blocks of this unifying philosophy are the need for education in design, the desire for inspiration without limits and the requirement for meticulous execution which are found in each element of our selection reflecting our desire to make good design accessible to everyone.

“We believe that any project must communicate a balance between culture, research and passion. This way of thinking and working extends to everything we do.”

“Our mission is to find original ideas that are perfectly suited to all environments and to all individuals”.


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Book Minimal – Awards IDA Bronze

Company: Terzomillennium / Lead Designers: Maurizio Marcato / Design Team: Maurizio Marcato, Elisabetta de Strobel, Tommaso Venturelli / Credits: Photo by Maurizio Marcato


Not just a simple catalog that simply showcases the design proposals: the new book is a paper-based support with great attention to detail, which tells the minimalist philosophy of the Italian company in a few simple words/images.

Cleanliness, linearity, rigor: these are the main features that design projects that the Minimal company gives life to. On a graphic level, we have chosen a large and structured format, 230×310, but still practical. The catalog is printed on Fedrigoni X-Per paper, 145 gr, uncoated paper.

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